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Venus In Blue Jeans [CD] Jimmy Clanton

Venus In Blue Jeans
Interpret: Jimmy Clanton
Nosič: CD (2 disky)
Distribúcia: BS
Dátum vydania: 07.11.2014
Cena s DPH: 287 Kč (~11.46€)
Dostupnosť: V nabídce dodavatele
Odosielame: 3-30 dní


Skladby - Venus In Blue Jeans

  • I Trusted You
  • That's You Baby
  • Just a Dream
  • You Aim To Please
  • a Letter To an Angel
  • a Part of Me
  • a Ship On a Stormy Sea
  • My Love is Strong
  • My Own True Love
  • Little Boy In Love
  • Go Jimmy Go
  • I Trusted You (2nd Version)
  • Another Sleepless Night
  • I'm Gonna Try
  • Come Back
  • Wait
  • What Am I Gonna Do?
  • If I
  • Down the Aisle (With Mary Ann Mobley)
  • What Am I Living For
  • I Just Wanna Make Love
  • Don't Look At Me
  • Lucky In Love With You
  • Not Like a Brother
  • Twist On Little Girl
  • Wayward Love
  • Just a Moment
  • Because I Do
  • Venus In Blue Jeans
  • Highway Bound
  • Darkest Street In Town
  • Dreams of a Fool
  • Take Her Back
  • No Greater Love
  • It's All Over Now
  • Land of Tomorrow
  • It Takes a Long, Long Time
  • Losing the One I Love
  • Angel Face
  • Don't You Know (Aka It's All Over Now - Movie Version)
  • Jimmy's Tune (I'm In Love)
  • That Old Feeling
  • Linda
  • I'm Beginning To See the Light
  • Beg Your Pardon
  • You're an Old Smoothie (I'm an Old Softie)
  • I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
  • I Feel Those Tears Coming On
  • Somebody Please Help Me
  • Nothing Left For Me
  • You Better Settle Down
  • You Kissed a Fool Goodbye
  • Love Me Tonight
  • I Wanna Go Home
  • Wedding Bells
  • a Fool For You
  • See See Rider
  • I Feel So Bad
  • Any More
  • You Win Again
  • Teenage Millionaire
  • the Way I Am
  • Molly Darling
  • Walk With Me

Jimmy Clanton vydává Venus In Blue Jeans v České republice v lokální distribuci. Internetový obchod zajišťuje prodej od interpreta Jimmy Clanton. Bližší popis Venus In Blue Jeans bude doplněn.

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